Global Inventory

Sell more and reduce clearance by making all stock available for sale 24/7



Increase range and sell more.

Viare provides your customers with complete visibility of available stock regardless of its source, whether at the warehouse, in distribution centres, in-store, or via drop ship suppliers. This flexibility of supply gives customers access to a broader range of items and increases the likelihood of a sale.

Making all stock available for sale online typically increases sales by anywhere between 20% and 60%. It can also help diminish the need for clearances, with stock points that hold slower moving items no longer becoming siloed islands. All stock, regardless of where it is, becomes available for sale 24/7.

Moreover, global inventory can be used to support find in store, giving greater visibility, delivery flexibility and choice for customers seeking the most convenient and cost-effective method of receiving their order. At the same time, it gives increased control over stock management and replenishment practices to the retailer.

Learn how a leading Fashion & Apparel retailer increased sales by 62% by making store stock available for sale via their webstore.

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