Scalable and modern architecture that is optimised for modern ecommerce operations



Viare is a sophisticated, smart, distributed order management system optimised for modern ecommerce operations. It has been designed to fit seamlessly into any enterprise architecture, with a rapid integration approach.

Viare provides access to the latest thinking and most advanced tools to guide, orchestrate and smooth the flow of orders through complex modern fulfilment networks at any scale. 

Built on modern, cloud-native technologies, and provided via robust and reliable SaaS infrastructure, Viare is part of the next generation of business-critical systems designed for the future.

Reliability is a given, with application delivery SLA's rivalling the best carrier-grade solutions.

Viare integrates the latest design thinking in providing highly usable, modern, task-focused user interfaces that ensure maximum productivity whilst exceeding the usability expectations of business users.

Unlike more traditional solutions, Viare is designed to work well with others. Viare recognises diversity in business technology is the norm, not the exception, and Viare will work with whatever existing technologies you have.

This includes common connectors for many existing ERP, WMS and other core systems.

Viare has open APIs and supports the integration spectrum from fully orchestrated, low-code integrations to bespoke and uncommon solutions. This flexibility means that Viare implementations are faster and more robust than may be anticipated for such a business critical solution.

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