Distributed Order Management

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Distributed Order Management is the perfect solution for Retailers looking to offer faster and more efficient fulfilment and delivery options.

Viare allows retailers to leverage all fulfilment locations and especially their store network with intelligent order routing that drives industry best DIFOT, faster dispatch times, more fulfilment options and cost savings.

The solution allows for the distribution of orders across stores, distribution centres, suppliers or 3PL dynamically and on-demand. The system uses a demand-driven approach and demand-based logic allowing for near real-time decision making and far greater accuracy than any other solution.

Based on a configurable set of predefined rules and KPI targets, the solution designates the optimal distribution for each order at a specific point in time. It is completely scalable and can be utilised across hundreds of different dispatch points and handles extremely high order velocity.

The solution balances the load across the fulfilment network through manageable site capacities, maintains a level playing field, and ensures comparable KPI’s across all distribution teams.

It also minimises administration of the order flow. Stock is allocated at the time of pick and thus saves time spent searching for unavailable products or trying to find alternative locations for out-of-stock items. Distribution centres can also be managed more precisely to predict order flows and thereby allow accurate resourcing decisions and forecasts.

Distributed Order Management is also a perfect solution for Franchise chains looking to overcome the traditional eCommerce hesitance from franchisees.

Read how Viare helped a leading multi-brand retailer triple their sales in three years and improve fulfilment from 5 days to 2.

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