Dispatch Dashboard

Visibility and control over your entire Fulfilment Operations


Complete order visibility

The Viare Dispatch Dashboard provides a comprehensive top-down view of fulfilment operations and performance. This allows management to monitor performance across the business at a glance. The solution also allows for the monitoring of performance down to each individual dispatch point, allowing much greater granularity. The platform also includes visibility at each stage of order processing.

A traffic light system makes it easy to identify which areas of the fulfilment process require attention. Allowing for corrective action in real time.

Complete visibility and transparency over fulfilment performance allows the business to easily identify areas for improvement and to take corrective action. This has significant implications for overall performance, as it allows the business to be far more proactive and identify issues before they become customer service issues. The system also allows business users to monitor trends and analyze past dates, which is ideal for post event reviews and planning for future activities.



The dashboard shows the following data:

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