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Viare’s digital picking solution increases the speed and accuracy of picking while reducing labour cost and picking errors. The solution is fully digital, using handheld devices, and replacing manual paper-based processes. 

Digital picking is three times quicker than manual picking and far more accurate. This significantly reduces the cost per pick and the amount of customer service caused by errors. 

Viare’s digital picking is intuitive to use and includes functionality like wave picking, walk paths and pinch to zoom images that make it simple and effective to use. As a result, the learning curve for new team members is much lower than manual picking, which means that more people can perform the function when required. This provides additional scale without significant training or oversight. 

The introduction of digital picking at Briscoes increased team engagement, removed human error from the picking process and reduced paper use by an estimated 3 million pieces of paper annually. 

To learn more about Viare’s Digital Picking solution watch the video below 


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