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Viare rate strongly on comparison of major OMS vendors


Working closely with our partners, the team at TMX have developed a complete capability comparison of each major OMS vendor

If you're going to invest in sophisticated, mission-critical technology like an Order Management System (OMS), it's wise to assess how your shortlisted options compare to their competitors. Understanding how these systems perform in a fast-paced and dynamic market provides a valuable indicator of the potential return on investment (ROI).

With a multitude of OMS solutions available in the market, it can be challenging to determine the most suitable option. This is where the TMX comparison becomes an invaluable resource.

Viare submitted our solution to TMX, who validated this analysis independently. As expert Supply Chain consultants and implementers, TMX-validated solutions to offer a comprehensive evaluation to assist you in making an informed decision.

TMX's analysis provides an in-depth breakdown of each vendor's capabilities, enabling you to assess their strengths and weaknesses against your specific requirements.

If you're reading this, it's probably because you're on the hunt for an OMS and Viare is on your radar. You've likely had a look at its range of features and the tech behind it, and now you're wondering how it stacks up against the competition. The TMX comparison makes this easy.

What is an Order Management System (OMS)?

OMS can mean different things in different contexts, but for Viare we see an OMS as a software application designed to effectively handle the entire order processing lifecycle for retail businesses. This includes order routing, orchestration, picking, packing and dispatch. It also provides a centralised platform to manage orders from various channels, including online marketplaces, eCommerce websites, brick-and-mortar stores, and more. The primary goal of an OMS is to streamline and automate order fulfilment processes, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

When implemented correctly, good fulfilment solutions can drive significant cost savings through efficient picking, reduced freight costs, minimised split deliveries, and automated freight manifesting.

Significantly, they can also allow a business to leverage their entire network for delivery, combining distribution centres with stores acting as fulfilment locations and even leveraging fulfilment from suppliers and drop ship providers.

Moreover, a more reliable and dynamic fulfilment network gives the retailer confidence to offer a wider range of fulfilment options and get products to customers faster than before. Whilst this may seem complex, the right OMS can harness this potential and produce some amazing outcomes for customers and the business.

What is TMX?

TMX Global are an end-to-end supply chain consultancy, working with some of the world’s leading brands. As business experts in this space, they have developed a comprehensive guide to order management systems for the Australasian market. TMX have developed a complete capability comparison of each major OMS vendor operating in this market, including Viare.

An 80% feature fit - why Viare is one of the strongest OMS available

Each of the 10 feature categories are broken down into sections, with 80 features in total. Viare meets 66 out of 80, making it one of the strongest offerings available. Here's a visual 


Viare the top choice for retailers

You've seen all the boxes the Viare solution ticks, and here are some examples of it out in the real world. Our OMS solution has provided significant benefits to retailers such as Briscoes, Rebel Sport, and Living & Giving. With Viare on board, the Briscoe Group were able to speed up dispatch by 300% and grow their online sales by 400%.  Despite operating multiple brands and dealing with the complexity of fulfiling online orders from stores Viare allowed them to enhance their fulfillment processes and improve the overall customer journey.

Viare's OMS integrates seamlessly with physical stores, offering features like Click & Collect, Find in Store, and Store Fulfillment. By integrating Viare's OMS into their operations retailers can bridge the gap between their online and physical retail channels and improve fulfillment efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and grow sales.

Strong features, proven results

Now that you've had a look at TMX's comprehensive capability comparison, you'll see why Viare is one of the strongest options out there. Its intelligent order management has been recognised by Gartner as one of the leading distributed order management systems in the world. 

But remember that our success goes beyond the ratings. Viare has consistently proven its worth by empowering retailers with streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. It's a genuinely game-changing solution.

Ready to take the next step and see the Viare OMS in action? Book your free demo with a Viare OMS expert.



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