Research, Development & Innovation

The Viare solution is provided via a SaaS model, hosted on eStar’s private cloud.

These drivers ensure we keep in touch with both technological and market trends, and combined with our application deployment and delivery model, mean that we can:

  • Incorporate support within the core platform to cater for additional functionality or new technologies without lengthy lead times.
  • Incorporate client feedback and suggestions into our R&D Roadmap to develop new functionality. 
  • Partner with our clients in developing new features that provide a competitive advantage to both our clients and Viare.
  • Ensure all clients remain at the forefront of technology movements.

New developments are evaluated against the product roadmap on a lightweight cost/benefit basis.

We evaluate benefits on a scale of 1-5 against 3 criteria:

  • Customer Value – The relative value our customers will derive.
  • Technical Value – The value to the platform from a technical perspective.
  • Product (Market) Value – The value to the product as a sales driver.