Franchised Retailers

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Making Franchising work alongside eCommerce can be difficult. Franchisees often see it as competition, while the franchisor sees it as necessary to meet customer needs and to compete in the digital age. Viare navigated these challenges and delivered massive growth for this franchised New Zealand retailer.

With big plans for growth, this retailer was struggling to move forward with their existing online infrastructure. Effective order allocation and fulfilment was proving to be a major challenge with a mix of both franchise and company owned stores. In order to stay ahead in a very competitive market, and to capitalise on future opportunities, they needed to provide their customers with a superior online user experience and launch functionality like Click & Collect and Find in Store. It was clear that fulfilment needed to be exceptional to enable new features and drive customer loyalty.

Viare’s pull based fulfilment solution is a perfect fit for franchise models as allocation rules mean stores become extremely reliable fulfilment channels. Stores are only allocated the orders they can fulfil when they are ready to fulfil them. The solution also includes a custom franchise filter to ensure all franchisees benefit from the Online channel.

The solution also gives the franchisor greater transparency on how effectively stores are fulfilling orders.

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