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The Click & Collect option is one that's gaining in popularity, and not just because of lockdowns either. Your customers have been choosing it as an option long before then, and why? Because it's convenient, swift, doesn't include shipping fees, saves time and so much more. It's a service that many customers have come to expect, as it means they can take advantage of the combined best of online shopping and bricks and mortar stores.

What Click & Collect amounts to is a win-win for retailers and customers. With that in mind, we've developed this eGuide to help you better understand what it is, who's using it, and why it needs to be a focus of your growth strategy.

We cover:

  • Click & Collect - what it actually is

  • Why customers choose Click & Collect

  • How to grow your Click & Collect sales

  • How to enhance your Click & Collect offering

  • How to give your customers a seamless experience, setting you up for growth

  • Why you need a modern Order Management System (OMS)

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