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Viare Digital Picking


Take your picking to the next level. An extension of Viare’s Order Management and Fulfilment that is easily configured and compatible with a range of handheld devices, Viare's Digital Picklists drive massive efficiencies for picking. Visual and audible cues for incorrect and successful scans give instant validation that the correct item has been picked. They are faster and easier to use than manual picklists and reduce cost. 

Digital Picking was developed to streamline fulfilment operations and improve picking productivity, receiving the following feedback from a New Zealand homewares retailer; 

“Digital picking is more time and resource-effective. It also allows pickers to instantly know that they have the correct item (instead of picking the wrong thing and finding this out later when allocating).” 

“Digital picking is a lot quicker and saves a lot of paper compared to creating and printing lists. It's great that you can click the photo to make it bigger and have the image in colour compared to black and white on paper.” 

“With digital picking, it's almost impossible to make a mistake. The application is so simple to use and has drastically reduced the time in the entire process.” 

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