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Speed is everything

speed is everything graph darkFaster and more efficient fulfilment is everything in modern eCommerce, with customers expecting goods faster than ever before. In the first few months of 2022 there has been a lot written about faster delivery models like Milk Run, drone delivery trials and Uber launching one-hour fashion delivery. But there is a lot that needs to happen to make such speedy delivery possible. Notably, you can’t get goods out quickly to people if your order management isn’t up to the task.  

Critically there are three things that truly make faster dispatch possible: real time routing, dispatch prioritisation and super-efficient picking. Not surprisingly these are all features of our OMS. 

When our clients have moved to our OMS they have been able to reduce the delays to dispatch by a factor of 3 even during peak trade. So, where it may have taken 4 days to get orders out after Black Friday it now takes just 1 day. The first way this is achieved is by routing orders to the right place at the right time, so that the best fulfilment location is given the order to pick every time. The second major factor is our super intuitive digital picking tool, which drives massive efficiency and speed up the picking process. At the same time, orders within the queue are automatically prioritised based on the delivery method and SLAs. This means that the most important order is dealt with first.  

With faster and more efficient fulfilment, customers get their orders quicker and new and faster delivery options become possible. To find out more about our Intelligent Order Management and how to master fulfilment please click here.


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