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Paul Carroll goes live with new eStar site


Viare parent company, eStar leveraged Paul Carroll's existing multisite structure to create a new Gino satellite site, with higher specifications than staying with Shopify or building new. This involved centralised management of content and utilising existing integration with REX ERP, unlocking eStar's OMS functionality not available on Shopify. "This has been a significant addition to our portfolio, now operating across the same tech stack, ensuring Paul Carrolls's signature quality customer experience remains consistent across all brands",  said John Carroll, Managing Director of Paul Carroll.

For 50 years, Paul Carroll have established themselves as Australia’s premium footwear destination, providing a wide range of stylish comfortable shoes for both men and women. Paul Carroll emphasises customer service and offers a diverse range of global brands, catering to various needs like orthotics and vegan options. 

Learn more about eStar's customers here. 

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