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Mark Greaves spoke at Retail Fulfilment Summit

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Last week the Viare team attended the Retail Fulfilment Summit. Viare Chief Fulfilment Officer, Mark Greaves spoke about leveraging your store network to drive online sales growth, improve profitability from your online channel and provide better customer experiences. Mark was joined by Dan Matenga Fulfilment Operations Manager at Briscoe Group. Briscoes Group New Zealand comprises three brands; Briscoes Homewares, Rebel Sport, and Living & Giving. The group operates more than 90 brick and mortar stores across New Zealand and generates more than $700m in sales revenue annually. Dan spoke about how they have successfully leveraged their store network with 95% of their online volume being fulfilled from their store network and the need to invest in fulfilment to ensure fulfilment costs have not grown in line with their sales growth, improving profitability.

To view Dan and Mark’s presentation, click here.

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